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American and English Rivalries: The Treaty of Chicago

The history behind Michigan could come as quite the surprise for those who know little about the region. From early American settlements in the area to the industrial and manufacturing centers that brought the state to the world’s stage in the past century, there could be far more to discover about Michigan than you might have expected. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy a number of benefits by looking into the rich history and past that have served to shape the region into what it Read moreRead more


Michigan and Conflicts in the Northwest Territory in the 18th Century

The Northwest Territory has been the object of much conflict throughout the 18th century, beginning with struggles between the landholding nations, France and England, and ending with a bloody war between the U.S. and the Native Indian tribes who had “owned” the land all along.

The area that would eventually become the Michigan Territory was under French control before the British took it over. After the Revolutionary War there were several states with competing claims for land in the region. The states ceded their claims, and the Continental Congress created the Read moreRead more


The Treaty of Paris and the Formation of Michigan

Missionaries, fur trappers, Old World powers battling Native Americans over uncharted lands on wild horseback, diplomacy, John Adams, Ben Franklin- each played a role in the formation of Michigan.

Everyone who ventured into the wilderness of the Old Northwest claimed chunks of the region. The British, French, Native Americans, and several original colonies disputed one another’s claims, often at knife or gunpoint, from the early 1620s until 1783. By the middle of the 18th century, however, Great Britain asserted the strongest control.

Ben Franklin and John Adams Read moreRead more


Secret Historical Michigan

People think when you live in Michigan you’re only thinking about whether or not you set your HOME SECURITY and how much snow tires cost this year. They’re wrong! There’s a lot of history here and it’s one of Michigan’s best kept secretshere are a few of our favorite spots:
Detroit: Yes, Detroit. Not exactly known as a sightseeing mecca, Motor City has more history than many other cities in the country and some of the most fascinating sights here revolve around dilapidated buildings of old. You’ll love this place.
Lake Michigan: Did you know there are a plethora of sunken ships at the bottom of Lake Michigan? Explore the underwater worlds via satellite and hit up some of the state’s best marine museums for a look back at what’s down there. Fascinating stuff.
Albion: Who would have thought this picturesque college town would make for a great day trip? Albion is still home to a revered university and some of the best covered bridges in Michigan. It’s definitely worth a trip but wait until Spring for the best flora.


Michigan and the Civil War: The Untold Story

People familiar with the US Civil War have heard of the Iron Brigade. This famous infantry unit was comprised of volunteers from the Mid-West, including many soldiers from Michigan. Another brigade, this one cavalry, was also comprised of units from Michigan. This formation, the Custer Brigade, fought its first major engagement at the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg in June/July 1863.

Shortly after Custer assumed command, Confederate cavalry under Jeb Stuart were raiding the Union rear area in the vicinity of Hanover, Pa. On June 30, 1863, Custer’s Read moreRead more


The Battle for Detroit and the War of 1812

The War of 1812, stretching across three theaters of war and lasting almost three years, was fought primarily between the forces of the British Empire and the United States of America. The reasons for the war were numerous, including an American desire to spread into the Northwest Territory, but were rooted in British’s continued support of the American Indian tribes that were resisting American expansion. The Indian general, Tecumseh, played a pivotal role in the war, especially in the Detroit frontier.

Tecumseh’s confederacy was rallied to join the British Read moreRead more


American and Native American Rivalries: The Treaty of Saginaw

The Treaty of Saginaw was originally made almost 200 years ago, on September 24, 1819. The document was created between Chief John Okemos and General Lewis Cass; Chief Wasso; the Ottawa, Potawatomi, and Ojibwe tribes; and other Native American tribes that resided within the Great Lakes region. The document wasn’t proclaimed by James Monroe, the President of the United States at the time, until March 25, 1820. The Treaty of Saginaw was then placed in law as 7 Stat. 203

Once this document was signed, over six million Read moreRead more


Michigan and the Great Depression: Losses and Gains

The Great Depression was a difficult time in Michigan as it was most everywhere in the world. Much was lost to the faltering economy. The automotive industry was obviously hit hard and unions reacted to employers’ attempts to pay as little as possible for production. But many things were also gained during this time, even if some of those gains had value more abstract than the money and property lost.

With so many unemployed around the country, auto makers tried to increase efficiency at Read moreRead more